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Emblem Luggage Falcon Cabin Black

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Discover the ultimate travel companion with a trendy luggage suitable for both men and women. Embrace a peace of mind with 1800 days of international warranty, its testament to reliability and durabiltiy.

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  • Cabin - 20''

  • Medium - 24''

  • Large - 28''

Features and Specifications

Push Button for Customizable Sizes

Enjoy ultimate comfort on your travels with our trolley bag! Our innovative push-button trolley system allows for customizable handle height adjustments, while the convenient bottom handle makes lifting effortless. Plus, with a full expander for extra space, you'll have all you need for your journey.

Premium Aluminium Handle

Upgrade your travel experience with our Emblem Luggage's premium aluminum handle. Experience the perfect blend of durability, style, and comfort for your journeys. Premium Aluminum Handle provides durability, lightweight design, stylish appearance, corrosion resistance, and longevity.

360-degree 8 Sturdy Wheels

Effortless navigation meets unmatched stability with our emblem luggage featuring 360-degree rotation and 8 sturdy wheels. Glide through any terrain with ease and confidence, making every journey smooth and seamless.360-degree rotating wheels offer a combination of convenience, durability, and ease of use that can enhance the travel experience.

Cushion Handle

Experience luxury in every detail with our Emblem Luggage featuring a cushioned handle. Designed for comfort and convenience, this plush handle ensures a smooth and comfortable grip, making your travels a true pleasure. A cushioned handle can be a valuable feature on your travelling luggage, providing comfort and support during your journeys.

Double Zipper with TSA Lock

Travel with peace of mind with our Emblem Luggage equipped with Double Zipper and TSA Lock. Your belongings stay safe and secure throughout your journey, giving you the confidence to explore the world worry-free.

Premium Fabric

Elevate your travel experience with our emblem luggage crafted from premium fabric. Premium Fabric makes an excellent choice for discerning travellers who prioritize both style and functionality in their luggage.

Laundry bag and Shoe Bag

Get a complimentary Laundry Bag and Shoe Bag with every purchase of our premium Emblem Trolley bag. These essential accessories not only enhance organization but also elevate hygiene and protect your luggage during your travels. "


Expandable trolley bags are an excellent choice for travellers looking for a reliable and adaptable luggage solution.

  • Expandable

Expandable with 25% extra space to pack in the little extra goods for your travel needs. Furthermore, it has two front pockets one large and one small to keep your last-minute packing needs.

  • Separate laundry bag, Shoe Pouch, and Toilet Kit

Elevate your travel requirements with this extra feature. The laundry bag is crafted to keep your soiled/dirty clothes separate. A shoe pouch helps you pack your extra pair of shoes/ slippers without the fear of your garments getting dirty. It also has a separate toilet kit with three pockets to keep all your hygiene products in an organized manner. These upgrades help you ensure a tidy and hassle-free journey.

  • Safety features

TSA Lock & Double Zipper. Double zipper for extra security and TSA lock will give you peace of mind in your travel.

  • 360-degree 8 Sturdy Wheels

5 -8 wheels for extra comfort and mobility during your travel. enjoy seamless movement and added ease throughout your journey.

  • Cushioned Side and Top Handles

Experience ultimate comfort during travel with the uppercase Trolley Luggage featuring cushioned integrated top and side handles. A perfect blend of convenience and comfort, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable journey every time you travel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The right size trolley bag depends on factors such as your travel duration, airline restrictions, and personal preferences. For carry-on bags, ensure it meets airline size regulations. For checked bags, consider your packing needs and any weight restrictions imposed by airlines.

Consider features such as durable construction, smooth-rolling wheels, a sturdy handle, multiple compartments for organization, TSA-approved locks for security, and lightweight materials for ease of carrying.

Yes, many trolley bags are designed to meet airline carry-on size restrictions. However, it's essential to check the specific dimensions allowed by your airline before traveling to avoid any issues at the airport.

Yes, trolley bags are suitable for international travel and are commonly used by travelers worldwide. However, it's essential to consider factors such as size restrictions, durability, and security features when choosing a trolley bag for international trips.

Emblem Luggage Trolley Bags are known for their quality construction, durability, and innovative designs. They often feature a combination of lightweight materials, sturdy wheels, and ergonomic handles for effortless travel.

No, Emblem Luggage does not provide warranty coverage for freebies included with the trolley bags.