Behind the Brand – Emblem Luggage

Emblem luggage was established in the year 2003, and with the love and fanatical support of its customers has been growing strongly and has made a name for itself throughout the country. It got rebranded as Emblem in 2007 and became an extremely popular and reliable brand in north Indian states like Punjab, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, and Madhya Pradesh, and now is all set to spread its wings further in the eastern and southern states of the country.

Behind the Brand - Emblem Luggage

The prime focus of launching Emblem was to concentrate on the requirements of the Indian population; the travel enthusiastic Indians needed to come across a brand that would be affordable, easy to access and would also serve as a fashion statement.

It is often said, that the kind of bag you are carrying depends upon the mode of transportation and the purpose of your visit; and living in India means having access to a diverse mode of transportation by road, train, or air. To satiate all these expectations, Emblem has brought a wide range of luggage that includes upright travel bags, spinner luggage bag, backpacks, travel trolley bags, overnight travel wheeler bag, etc.

Laying importance on customer satisfaction has always worked in favor of Emblem, and therefore, it work hard every day to bring innovative models that would be both stylish and functional.The rising demands of Emblem have made it much more devoted towards their customers making it very important for them to make the product available in the market.

Given below are some of the ideal features of the Emblem products:

  1. Number lock-in upright trolley and over-night bags for extra care and security.
  2. Expandable feature in selected models so that you can squeeze in some more stuff.
  3. All the products consist of deep pockets that are lined with polyester to keep the pivotal items segregated.
  4. Use of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate polymer for added durability and softness.
  5. Corner guards to prevent any damage to the bag.

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