How Emblem Luggage Give Emphasis to Their Brand Tagline: India Ka Luggage

Travelling in India can be adventurous, colorful, and sometimes, a bit hectic as well, all thanks to its diverse forms of transportation. Buses overloaded with people, trains crammed with passengers who are occupying half of your luggage space, lack of leg room and over-bin space in flights, and running after taxis and autos, all these scenes are common to the country. And to keep to your journey comfortable along with facing these challenges can become quite a task! Therefore, Emblem luggage has brought a wide range of travel bags exclusively designed for the Indians.

Emblem Luggage - India Ka Luggage

Through the article below, we would shed some light about how the travel bags by Emblem has been carefully crafted keeping in mind the requirement, affordability and purpose of travel of the Indians.

  1. The budget friendly bag: It is a fact that Indians love to run on budgets. Occasional splurging is okay but when question comes for items like the underestimated luggage bags, extensive search is made for quality bags at cheaper price. And Emblem provides you with just that! Quality luggage bags made with strong and durable fibers that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  2. The chic look: Indians no longer like to travel with hideous luggage bags. Compact, easily manageable, and lightweight luggage bagsis the need of the hour. With the wide range of travel bags, right from the modish trolley bags to the bold rucksbags, from the uber-looking laptop overnight travel wheeler bag to the casual laptop bags, Emblem makes sure you never run out of style.
  3. Space and durability: The rush in the travel stations of India, the pulling and pushing of bags, and the endless need to do ‘little adjust’ with people, demand your bag to be a durable one. Made with 600/300D polyester, the upright travel bags and duffle bags are at the same time quite spacious and durable so that you can travel stress-free or squeeze in some of your favorite travel essentials.
  4. 24 hours customer service: Right from mobile networks to the systematic working of the government, Indians want instant result for every problem or at least a source to convey their frustrations. Therefore, Emblem has brought 24 hours of customer service to hear out every query of the customers and solve them as fast as possible.

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