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Emblem Luggage Duster Cabin Brown

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Selling Price: ₹5,000.00

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  • Cabin - 20''

  • Medium - 24''

  • Large - 28''

Features and Specifications

Premium Aluminium Handle

Premium Aluminum Handle provides durability, lightweight design, stylish appearance, corrosion resistance, and longevity.

360-degree 8 Sturdy Wheels

360-degree rotating wheels offer a combination of convenience, durability, and ease of use that can enhance the travel experience.

Cushion Handle

Cushioned handle can be a valuable feature on your traveling luggage, providing comfort and support during your journeys.

Premium Fabric

Premium Fabric makes an excellent choice for discerning travellers who prioritize both style and functionality in their luggage.

Laundry bag and Shoe Bag

Laundry bag and shoe bag in a trolley bag enhances organization, hygiene, and protection for travellers.

Security Zipper

Security Zipper in a trolley bag provides an additional layer of protection for your belonging and prevents theft.


Expandable trolley bags are the excellent choice for travellers looking for a reliable and adaptable luggage solution.

Side Pocket

Having a side pocket available for a water bottle in trolley bags promotes convenience, hydration, organization, and versatility, making it a valuable feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

The right size trolley bag depends on factors such as your travel duration, airline restrictions, and personal preferences. For carry-on bags, ensure it meets airline size regulations. For checked bags, consider your packing needs and any weight restrictions imposed by airlines.

Consider features such as durable construction, smooth-rolling wheels, a sturdy handle, multiple compartments for organization, TSA-approved locks for security, and lightweight materials for ease of carrying.

Yes, many trolley bags are designed to meet airline carry-on size restrictions. However, it's essential to check the specific dimensions allowed by your airline before traveling to avoid any issues at the airport

Yes, trolley bags are suitable for international travel and are commonly used by travelers worldwide. However, it's essential to consider factors such as size restrictions, durability, and security features when choosing a trolley bag for international trips.

Emblem Luggage Trolley Bags are known for their quality construction, durability, and innovative designs. They often feature a combination of lightweight materials, sturdy wheels, and ergonomic handles for effortless travel.

No, Emblem Luggage does not provide warranty coverage for freebies included with the trolley bags.