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Planning to Trek and Camp on Mountains?

Posted by : Emblem Luggage / On : Jan 27, 2024 /

Here are 9 Gear Essentials to Carry
We bet you have friends that have ‘Kho Gaye Hum Kaha’ song at the top of their playlist or friends that are always ready for a road trip when it comes to planning a trip to Mountains, Pahad! After a long haul of almost a year- all thanks to CoronaVirus- we’re sure you must be planning or at least thinking of planning a trip to mountains! It’s the right time to take a break from the mundane of daily life and pick up your trekking shoes and plan a few days of rendezvous with friends and family and let your shoe touch the ‘Pahado Ki Vaidya’ and take in the scenic view of god creation.To Help You With Your Packing, We Have Created A List Of Things To Carry While Trekking. Essential Things To Carry While Travelling Is Something One Should Never Forget To Pack.

Let's Explore Some Of The Must-Have Trekking Essentials In India. 

  • Backpack/Emblem Backpack
    First and the foremost thing and maybe the most obvious one too is- backpack! The backpack is going to be the main soul of your trekking trip, so ensure you choose a backup that is lightweight, easy to carry and stylish. Don’t compromise on its quality, choose the best of the best from Emblem Luggage, they’re super light, durable, come in great colours and spacious enough to carry your essentials easily! Remember to pack your most needed and required essentials, carrying unnecessary things might make your trek tough and your backpack heavy. 
  • Trekking Shoes
    No one ever said, they could trek mountains with slippers on! So, a good pair of quality shoes would be a great idea and that will help you- Trek on long, steep and twisted roads on mountains. The good shoes for such treks should be comfortable, lightweight, sturdy, and waterproof and that provides good ankle protection and a firm grip on slippery surfaces. If you are planning your first trek, we would highly recommend you to not go with any ordinary shoes but quality trekking shoes.
  • Sleeping Bag
    A sleeping bag on trekking is a good idea as it helps protect from the harsh cold winds, saves you from any cold-related weather-related problems and injuries. Also contributes to the factor that you can have a good night’s sleep. And remember good night sleep is must to ensure you have a good trek the next day. Also, sleeping bags or camping bags are portable and easy to carry around and will make a perfect partner after a tiring day of trekking.
  • Swiss Knife
    You will be surprised to know that this little piece of handy toolset called Swiss Knife has proven worthy on countless number occasions for a lot of trekkers. Our advice: keep this useful toolkit set handy when on trek or camping as it’s very helpful.
  • Trekking Poles
    It is a common misconception that these trekking poles are only used by physically challenged people but that’s not true! A person with perfect physical fitness can choose to trek with these poles.
  • Clothing
    While going on a trek, always remember to pack light and expeditious weight thermal clothing, it will be much quicker to dry as compared to other types of clothing. Also, pack a lightweight jacket which is easier to trek in and take along a waterproof shell jacket to save yourself from unexpected snow or rainfall.
  • Toiletries
    Don’t forget to pack your basic personal toiletries kit like a hand towel, paper soap, bathing soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen lotion to protect yourself from harsh UV rays and lip balm to prevent the lip from chapping.
  • Water Bottle
    Water might sound like one of the basic essentials to carry but one of the most precious things to have on any hiking or trekking trip. When you’re trekking you don’t realize you’re sweating due to the cold weather but the body gradually dehydrates which is why it is necessary to keep sipping water during the trek. 
  • Medical Kit
    Last but not the least, you must carry a basic set of medical kit with essential ointments and creams for any kind of burns, bruises, bandages, bandaids, etc. You never know when such small first-aid kits may come in handy.This was the major trekking checklist to ensure while packing your bags for a trek or camping in the mountains.